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Thanks to everyone who took part in the competition! It is now closed and the winner has been informed.

Win a delicious afternoon tea 

BuddyHub has teamed up with the Hilton Hotel in London's fashionable Islington to offer a weekday Angel Afternoon Tea to the winner (plus 2 guests) of our #TeapotTravels competition.

For your chance to win this delicious prize, simply join our poll below on loneliness, isolation and society. 

Although the question is provocative, we haven't chosen it lightly. In fact, we think that disruption and innovation are vital to find new ways to keep people connected and included as they grow older, especially those who don't have close friends or family nearby. 

As a social enterprise start-up, we're testing our own solution. BuddyHub is an ultra-local service connecting older people with like-minded new friends in their communities to turn loneliness and isolation into happiness and laughter.

How to enter

We want to talk to professionals in the ageing space about what we’re doing and work together to break the taboo of loneliness. We've already had some fantastic comments on the BuddyHub teapot which you can see on Twitter hashtag #TeapotTravels. 

We're starting by offering tea - a spectacular afternoon tea at the Hilton London Angel Islington - to the winner of our #TeapotTravels competition. All you have to do is answer the awkward question below, and please add a comment too - we'd love to hear your views. 



Spread the word about our #TeapotTravels competition

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Old and lonely? Of course you are!

‘Forget sex, or politics or religion – loneliness is the subject that clears out a room’: so says Douglas Coupland a novelist who knows a thing or two about our postmodernist society having popularised the terms ‘Generation X’ and ‘McJob’.  Such is the stigma attached to loneliness that even people who are trying to tackle the issue often feel they dare not even mention the ‘L-word’ to the people they’re trying to help.

Nobody agrees what this filthy old swear word even means. I’ve come across 10 separate definitions in the numerous research reports I’ve eaten over the last few days. Mish-mashed together they seem to say: loneliness describes the negative feelings felt due to the lack of a close emotional attachment with a partner or friend and/or the absence of a broad and engaging social group of friends, neighbours and colleagues. And it’s not to be confused with social isolation which refers to separation from social or familial contact, and community involvement. The happy hermit who chooses solitude would not be considered lonely though social isolation is the key risk for loneliness.

Read the full blog by Catherine McClen, founder of BuddyHub... 


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At BuddyHub we want to start conversations about ageing, loneliness and isolation - but we don’t want to annoy you with unwanted emails. Please be assured that we will not, under any circumstances, share your data with anyone for marketing purposes, and you will not receive offers from other companies or organisations as a result of giving your details to us. We have asked for your name and email address only so we can contact the competition winner and to send you the occasional email to keep you informed of what’s happening at BuddyHub. If we contact you via email we will always give you an unsubscribe option. 

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