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Over £130 worth of prizes to give away!

To celebrate the release of Hydrapharm's potent new pre-workout Hydrazine, we're giving away a full bottle PLUS 24 two-capsule samples!

Hydrazine harks back to the 'good old days' of pre-workouts, delivering the intense energy and laser sharp focus of yesteryear to take your workouts from the unexceptional to the extraordinary.

The rave reviews speak for themselves, so don't miss your chance to try this unique new formula.

Simply fill in the form and press submit to enter. Good luck!


Hint: use the link provided in the prompt afterwards to refer your friends and gain 3 extra entry points!

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Praise for Hydrazine

"The workout was crazy, the weights didn't want to get put down, I could lift and lift and lift. I literally wanted to do nothing but have my headphones in and pick up some iron!" - joeblack

"After the first set my workout improved over time which is amazing for me but I carried on training for 2 hrs and throughout it was smashing my personal bests on each exercise. Literally every exercise had a PB." - the joker

"It's amazing, awesome energy and it felt like I was really focused and alert and I had a really good legs session. The energy felt clean, not jittery at all." - Tony

"All I can say is that it gave me the best workout of my life. Energy, focus, and uplift in mood and no crash either."- KingD

"I've took loads of stuff over the years and don't really get much from them these days. But I defo feel taking these would benefit my training intensity and focus, I felt aggressive in my workout without the stimulate effects." - Jamie

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