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Frequently Asked Questions 

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What is this event?

Think of it as a virtual-dinner-party-meets-World-Record-attempt-meets-live-entertainment-foodie-hour. It will have fun hosts, lots of exciting prizes, and a few surprises. We can’t spoil the fun by saying more than that, but we can let you know it won’t be your average zoom meeting.

Do I have to eat Australian Lamb or beef in order to participate?

Using Aussie beef or lamb on your dinner is preferred...but NOT required. Serve what you like, and get that piccie right!

How will I sign in to the event?

Good Q! We’ll send you a link ahead of the show so keep an eye on your inbox. We’ll also post the link to our Facebook and Instagram so they’re easy to find. Once it’s time, you’ll be able to tap the link and enter the event.  The event will be hosted on Zoom, which you can download for free here

Will I be on camera as part of the live event?

Nope, we have plenty of good-looking hosts who will be on the big screen. You just need to watch, but there will be moments in the show where you can participate! BUT we will need you to snap a quick photo for your submission.

Will I get a t-shirt?

YOU BET! Once we receive your photo submission, we’ll email you a form to fill out with your shipping address.

What do I need to do to be counted for Guinness World Records?

  • Sign in to the event on January 26th, 2021 at 7:30PM.
  • Snap a photo of your dinner set up that includes all of the things on this list below
  • Upload the photo into the event portal
  • Brag to all of your mates about how you’ve made history

What does the picture I submit need to have?

In order to count, your picture must clearly show ALL of the following elements:

  •  Must include the individual sitting in front of a set table with a plate of food
  •  The place setting must include: plate, napkin, utensil, and drinking glass
  •  The plate must have two dinner items on it.
  •  The photo must show the person and the place setting, and items on the plate.
  • Find our handy visual guide here: 

If I’m dining with a group of friends, does that count as a single entry?

We’re counting individual user logins, so we need to have each person log in to be counted. Each login also needs to correspond with a photo. (So no, one user cannot upload photos of every person at the table). In order for everyone be counted, you must log in on your own devices and post the pic there.

How do I get the photo to you?

Good question! You’ll be able to get us the photo through the actual platform. We’ll plan to keep the platform open for a bit after the show, but you will need to get it to us within a few hours to count! It also has to come through the chat, no emails please.


Do you have an official set of rules?

You bet! Check them out here and browse all of the fine print on the event, including prizing rules.