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Fire Victims: an Appeal for Assistance by the Wynberg Boys’ Schools

Tuesday 14 March 2017: Wynberg Boys’ High and Junior Schools reach out to our Families, Old Boys and Friends to assist the 15000 folk who’ve lost the homes and possessions in the recent devastating fires in Hout Bay.

In March 2015 Wynberg’s appeal to support the Wild Fire Services for their work resulted in over R95000 in donations from our Campus of Schools and extended families, a generosity of astounding proportions. In August of 2016, we were humbled by incredible community support when our High School suffered a blaze that gutted our C-Block. It is our Schools’ turn to give back and help those so desperately affected. We ask you all to help us to help them.

When Fire Turns from Foe to Friend:

Wynberg Old Boy, a father at Wynberg Boys’ Junior, Jonathan Stephenson, and a team of volunteers, supported by WBJS and generous donations by Spur Steak Ranches, is on site at the Hout Bay Sports Fields assisting in food relief for the stricken families via a chain of braais. Jonathan may be contacted directly with offers of donations of meat, rolls, charcoal and essential fresh drinking water.

A Call for Non-Perishable Essential Support:

For the rest of the week, we will be collecting items at the Schools.  Items can be dropped at WBHS reception and/or WBJS Arnold Lorie Hall, from where we will have a team of parents assisting with sorting and delivering the items to one of the drop-off points.

We are appealing for the following items:


Tinned food with self-opening top or can opener.
Baby food
Drinking water and energy drinks, tea, coffee, sugar, long-life milk.

Wet wipes
Disposable nappies (all sizes)

Cups, bowls, plates & cutlery - plastic or metal.

The Wynberg Boys' Schools are grateful to for photographs of the recent fire.


  • Thula Thula Hout Bay on Facebook

    Thula Thula's Mission Statement: To consolidate, coordinate and proactively prepare to assist victims of disasters. To partner with residents, business and retailers to create a centralized collections area, allowing us to provide transparent and accountable relief allowing us to coordinate and facilitate fair and even distribution. To engage with the victims ensuring that those affected receive timeous, relevant relief as fair as we are able to offer, avoiding opportunistic collection by those who are not affected. Follow Thula Thula on Facebook for updated info on the changing needs for assistance in the fire aftermath. Bank details for cash donations on the Page #SuperaMoras

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Take a look at Wynberg Old Boy (and Wynberg Boys' Junior School Dad) Jonathan Stephenson's photos of the efforts he and his friends are making to help feed the victims of the fire - shows the scale of disaster clearly in the lines of now homeless people queueing for a meal. Huge thanks to WBJS for the loan of their braai units, and Spur Steak Ranches for an initial donation of 2000 burger patties - please support the Wynberg Fire Appeal anyway you can! #SuperaMoras #OldBoysUnite