Greg Quote

He was doing a TV show about jobs and he showed the outside of his little house.  I was a little kid and bought it hook, line and sinker that it was actually his house and that he lived there.  Come to find out there was a camera crew in there and all kinds of stuff, a piano, the fake make believe area!  I was completely floored by that and I remember telling my mom, "What is that?"  She said that is a TV studio. I thought, I want to be in there one day!


Liz Quote

My favorite Louisiana food are the boudin balls from Tony's!  Yep that's it, that's my favorite.  I could eat two dozen of those, easily all by myself and no I will not share.


Do you like the Boudin Balls from Tony's?


Jay Answer

When I was 8 or 9 years old, I ran outside to play in a thunderstorm.  The exact thing I tell people never to do today!  But I was just so fascinated by the power of weather.  Alright that was a fairly easy questions!



Steve Answer

There are a million different reasons why I like working here, otherwise I wouldn't have been here for 35 years.  Probably one of my favorite things is the passion that people have about whatever it is they do and in my case I'm dealing with people involved in sports all the time.  WAFB has given me a opportunity to not only cover great stories and work with great people, but there are a lot people who think the same way I do about covering sports and it being important.