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People trust WAFB to bring them the most updated news, weather, and sports coverage in Baton Rouge. Every day people who live, work, shop, and play in our market visit to not only gather information – but to base decisions off the information they hear or read.

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Advertising online is key for driving traffic to your website and raising brand awareness. Our digital team can help you target your ideal client and deliver real, tangible results.

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TV Advertising

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Running a commercial on TV is a great way to reach a wide audience of viewers and get your message to the masses. Our account executives can help guide you in getting your brand on TV.

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When you're ready to advertise, but don't have a commercial to run, our Emmy-award winning in-house production team can bring your dream to life.

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General Manager, Joe Sciortino: (225) 215-4700

General Sales Manager, Don Lloyd: (225) 215-4719

Digital Sales Manager, Kerrie Richmond: (225) 215-4731

National Sales Manager, Janet Connella: (225) 215-4704


Bobbie Coates: (225) 215-4723

Buddy Albert: (225) 215-4716

Heidi Burris: (225) 215-4726

Joni David: (225) 215-4725

Kelly Holland: (225) 215-4714

Chris Blades: (225) 215-4722

Rebecca Landry: (225) 215-4715

Susan Rittenberry: (225) 215-4706

Mary Leblanc: (225) 907-3911