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So, you've sent your "Before Photo" and you've tried the Billie Goat Soaps. Now it's time to send us your skin transformation by filling in the form below. You'll also be in to win a $300 Billie Goat Prize Pack!

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How soon do I see results for eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis?

With daily use of our Billie Goat products, you should start seeing relief from the symptoms of your skin condition within a couple of weeks, often (fingers crossed) within only days.


How do I enter this competition?

Simply fill in this form and upload a "before photo" of your skin condition. You must be genuinely suffering from a skin condition which is clearly visible in the image uploaded. The free soap will be sent to you for free! 2 weeks later, upload your "after photo" on this page. Once you've filled in both forms, we'll pick a winner for the $300 prize pack! Entries will be judged on originality.


I want to enter this competition, but I need to send my "Before Photo" first

That's fine, simply send your "Before Photo" and fill in the form here. We will send you a free soap. 2 weeks later, you should notice a relief in your symptoms. Navigate back to this page to upload your skin transformation to be in to win.


When will you announce the winner for $300 Billie Goat prize packs?

August 31, 2019. We will let you know by email, so please make sure you double check your email is correct.


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