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Master Facebook Website Retargeting

with Jon Loomer

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  • Increase Sales: Create ads that target those who showed interest in your product but never converted.

  • Increase Website Traffic: Target those who have read your articles before while excluding those who already read the post you're promoting.

  • Increase Facebook Page Likes: Target those who are closest to you instead of guessing with interest targeting.


  • Build Your Email List: Entice regular visitors of your blog to subscribe to your email list.

  • Learn about what Facebook Website Custom Audiences are and why they are the most powerful tool the top advertisers are using.

  • Jon will guide you along to build a list of all of the Website Custom Audiences you need to create.

  • Learn when and why you should create a Website Custom Audience based on URL, Domain or Path. Learn how to use "contains any," "doesn't contain," "is equal to" and "is not equal to" when creating your WCAs.

  • Learn how to install your pixel pain-free!