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Colossal Grab A Pencil® Book of Brain Boosters!

Grow your brain power day by day with these enjoyable Dell brain teaser puzzles, a $13.95 value! A full 416 pages packed with over 650 fun Dell puzzles, designed to strengthen your language and math skills, visual and spatial relationships, logic and deductive reasoning, and code-breaking abilities.

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September 2020

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Love brain teasers?

Keep your mind fit with a Brain Boosters Puzzle Packet, delivered directly to your computer.



What are the 6 U.S. capitals and their states?

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Other Ways to Enter:

  • Email your name, email address and answer to customerservice@pennypublications.com with the subject line "Web Contest"
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Congrats to our July winner,

Dixie C. of Springfield, OR

for correctly identifying the missing numbers!