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Seminar Descriptions can be found at the bottom of the page.

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  • Arc Flash Safety & Extending the Life of Your Facility (9:30)

    Schneider Electric can assist in providing solutions to extend the life of your facility by means of Arc Flash Safety and Compliance, Regular Electrical Equipment Maintenance, and end of life Equipment Modernization
    • Basics of AC Drives & Energy Saving Applications (9:30)

      Save energy and money by properly installing the correct drive for your applications. A brief overview of common applications, challenges with the use of drives and how to take advantage of energy savings will be reviewed.
      • Designing for the Environment - Codes and Standards (10:45 & 12:30)

        Ensure you are up to date and in compliance with the latest NEMA and IEC codes and standards for control panel design. Do you have the right degree of protection designed in for your application and environmental conditions?
        • Digital Tools You Can Use! (12:30 & 1:45)

          Review the digital tools that are available from Schneider Electric to help you be more efficient. Mobile apps, selectors, calculators and more.
          • Future of Industrial Controls - IIoT (9:30 & 1:45)

            Learn how IIoT is impacting industrial automation, both for Machine Builders and End Users, and how Schneider Electric with the EcoStruxure offer can improve safety, efficiency, connectivity and flexibility of your equipment.
            • HMI Solutions (12:30)

              Learn the key features of both the hardware and software offer that make Schneider Electric the world's leader in HMI solutions, including seamless integration with other brand architecture including AB.
              • Ground Fault, Motor, Shock Protection and Arc Flash Mitigation (12:30)

                Learn how to protect your personnel and equipment from potential ground fault hazards, protect motors from overloads, phase loss, etc. Also learn how to comply with NEC2017 to reduce/limit arc flash hazards and also protect workers from dangerous electric shock
                • Machine Safety - Guarding and Risk Reduction (10:45)

                  Learn about machine guarding and risk reduction methodologies offered by Schneider Electric including certified machine safety architectures such as machine Safety Controllers, Switches for guarding Light Curtains and RFID interlock.
                  • Machine Sensor Overview (9:30)

                    Gain an understanding of detection and machine safety products that deliver simple, cost-effective solutions for measurement, presence detection, identification, position control, tracking and inspection applications. Solutions include: The latest generation of Ultrasonic sensors, Photoelectric sensors, Safety Relays, Light Curtains and RFID interlock
                    • Short Circuit Current Ratings for Control Panels (1:45)

                      Learn how short circuit current rating (SCCR) is determined for control panels per UL 508A, code requirements, and how to solve common SCCR challenges
                      • Think Safety (10:45)

                        Potential hazards exist in almost every workplace environment from the factory floor to open office spaces. Learn how you can provide maximum safety against injury & exposure to the potential electrical hazards at your facility
                        • Utility Incentives (10:45)

                          National Grid and Eversource have incentives available in many product categories such as Lighting, Controls and EV Charging Stations. Learn about the latest offering in these technologies, how to maximize your energy savings, and take advantage of these available utility incentive that will help you save energy and money.
                          • What's New? (1:45)

                            Stay current by learning about recently or soon to be released control and distribution products by Schneider Electric