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Reyka Vodka is not only made in Iceland, but also of Iceland. Created with the purest and most natural ingredients and processes, Reyka is one of the world’s smoothest and most flavorful vodkas. Reyka Vodka was the first Icelandic vodka ever made and is the only Icelandic vodka sold in the United States. Reyka, meaning “steam” or “smoke” in Icelandic, is made in small batches using Iceland’s unique geothermal energy.

Reyka is distilled in Borgarnes, a coastal village in Iceland, due to the area’s pristinely clean air and rich natural resources. The most important component of Reyka is the water used. Iceland has some of the purest water in the world which ensures Reyka’s clean, fresh taste. The water in Reyka is not treated with traditional filtration systems - instead, the water runs through lava rocks, which filter it naturally. All impurities remain in the lava rocks, and the resulting water is pure, clean and delicious.

Reyka Vodka is distilled in small batches in one of the world’s few Carter-Head stills, producing a uniqueness that no other vodka holds. The still’s high copper level gives Reyka vodka an effortless smoothness after just a single distillation. Each distillation process takes about 6 hours and only produces 255 cases, guaranteeing remarkable taste and quality.

Discover Reyka’s delectable taste in some of our favorite Reyka cocktail recipes, such as the Pear Mule, Reyka Southside and the Cold Brewtini!

Please skál responsibly!

What You Could Win:

We are excited to offer one lucky winner (21 years or older) an exciting prize pack that includes:

  • Two Reyka Copper Mule Mugs
  • One Reyka Wool Cap
  • One Reyka 66N Kaldi Jacket (Men's Large)
  • One Reyka Mitten USB Kit

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To enter through the form below, visit and scroll down to count the number of puffins in the image. Enter the number of puffins in the space provided in the form below, along with your information, and click submit to be entered to win the prize pack.

Fill out the entry form by March 28, 2019 for a chance to win. The winner will be announced here on March 29, 2019!


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