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Bendy Fan Art T-Shirt Design Contest!

Welcome to the official Fan Built art contest! Joey Drew Studios is dedicated to bringing fans the coolest Bendy merch ... and often some of the coolest stuff we've seen comes from you, the fans. You never cease to amaze us with your creativity! That's why we want to see your best Bendy art for t-shirt designs! The top designs will win $2 per t-shirt sold, then will go into production and become available on our web store for a limited time as exclusive, limited edition Bendy merch with your name on it! So let's get started!


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'Spooky Time at the Studio'

Contest #2

Think of some creative way to include the theme above into your artwork in order to be considered.

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Aug. 13th- Sept. 2nd

Fill out the entry form and enter your artwork

Sept. 4th - 7th

Finalists will be chosen by Joey Drew Studios.

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Finalists are being chosen by Joey Drew Studios!


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Sept. 9th - 13th

Vote here!


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Sept. 17th

Winners are announced and featured on our page

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Make sure to share your entry to gain even more votes!


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  • Joey Drew Studios will choose finalists for voting on.
  • A grand prize winner and 2 runner ups will be chosen by you, the fans.
  • The Grand Prize winner gets a GIANT PLUSH BENDY, not for sale in retail.
  • Prizes are awarded in the amounts of $2 for every t-shirt sold.
  • The artist will be credited in neck label.

Submission Guidelines. All submissions must...

  • Have been created by you, the Entrant.
  • Be limited to one submission per Entrant.
  • Be submitted using the official form: store.bendyandtheinkmachine.com/fanart.
  • Be at least 1000px by 1000px in size and 300dpi.
  • Consist of a traditional drawing or digital drawing (excluding any manipulated photos, screenshots, or image edits).
  • NOT have been previously submitted to any BATIM contest or third-party contest.
  • NOT contain any nudity or other offensive content.
  • NOT contain any copyrighted characters of any other franchise or series besides Bendy and the Ink Machine or violate the intellectual property rights of others.

To better your chances of winning, please make sure...

  • Bendy has 2 solid black dots on the tops of his gloves.
  • Bendy has no tail.
  • Bendy's (and all his friends) pie eyes ALWAYS make arrows pointing to the right.
  • Bendy has eight teeth when grinning fully.
  • Bendy has a white bow tie.
  • Bendy has black shoes.
  • Boris's (and all his friends') pie eyes, make arrows pointing to the right.
  • Boris has no dots or circles on his gloves.
  • Boris has black dots on his cheeks.
  • Boris wears patched overalls (except when in another costume).
  • Boris has no visible tail.
  • Alice (and all her friends) pie eyes ALWAYS make arrows pointing to the right.
  • Alice has both horns and a halo.
  • Alice has a small beauty mark on the left side of her face (while facing her).
  • Alice has a single circle on the palm side (inside) of her gloves. (No dots.)
  • Alice wears a black dress with a bow (except when in another costume).
  • Alice has no tail.



Official Rules



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