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How FOX19 NOW does digital advertising

Did you know FOX19 NOW creates and handles digital advertising needs for businesses every day?

While many people see FOX19 NOW as a television station, there's much more to what's available.

FOX19 NOW offers professional creative services for people and businesses big and small.

If you want to run ads on FOX19 NOW's digital platforms, but don't have ads or a way to create them, our creative services team can help.

Explore the advertising services we offer.

From display ads, pre-roll and post-roll video ads, to mobile and cross-platform campaigns, FOX19 NOW's digital advertising experts can create custom solutions that fit you and your business goals.




  • Learn about digital display advertising

    Learn about digital display advertising

    As a major distributor of digital advertising, we offer display ads in a variety of sizes, animations, and functions. Utilizing these premium creatives give marketers unique, interactive features and advanced technology. In addition to display ads, site wraps, and push-down ads, we also use interactive video banners, social media ads, and video ads sent to mobile, desktop, and streaming platforms.
  • How can I benefit from cross-platform ad campaigns?

    How can I benefit from cross-platform ad campaigns?

    Many successful advertising campaigns are the result of cross-platform engagement. In essence, it means diversifying where display ads not only reach a wider audience but deliver a consistent message to viewers wherever they are. A campaign may begin on television and continue through on internet and mobile destinations. Utilizing a cross-platform ad can aid in keeping the message current with customers because they are not isolated to just one destination. Marketers can benefit from these types of campaigns because of the synergy they create, putting their business in front of viewers on a variety of platforms. For campaigns where you envision promoting across several platforms, we are dedicated to serving your needs.
  • What is native advertising?

    What is native advertising?

    Native advertising is a form of paid media that mimics editorial content but has a promotional intent. According to digital marketing firm Outbrain, it's any paid content that is "in-feed" and inherently non-disruptive. This includes suggested posts on Facebook, promoted tweets on Twitter, and editorial-based content recommendations. FOX19 NOW specializes in recommended content to provide enhanced value returns for businesses of all sizes. More and more marketers are turning to native advertising as it is designed to build better trust and engagement with prospective customers. A study by Sharethrough and IPG Media showed that 25 percent more customers look at native ad placements compared to traditional display ads.
  • How can I benefit from mobile ad campaigns?

    How can I benefit from mobile ad campaigns?

    Every once in a while, we get lucky enough to be around the innovation of new media. There is no more exciting time. FOX19 NOW utilizes a variety of mobile placements including banner ads, carousel ads, and jump pages. The sizes and customer interaction can be modeled to fit your campaign's specific needs. Many of these positions will also be displayed on the desktop pages, as well. For jump page units, users will be displayed a full-size web page before or after content pages while navigating our site and apps.



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