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Power Hitters Club is an exclusive membership for advanced Facebook marketers. It includes access to the following:

  • Weekly webinars on advanced Facebook marketing topics
  • Private community to get your questions answered
  • FREE access to live, 90-minute workshops that happen every two months (not available to non-members)

Is the PHC Right for You?

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This isn't for beginners. This is for advanced Facebook marketers LIKE YOU who spend countless hours optimizing, experimenting and INVESTING in your success. 

One of the greatest membership benefits is that FB Mastery Workshops are free to members* -- they are not available to non-members.


My next workshop is titled HOW TO CREATE AN EVERGREEN FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN THAT KEEPS ON WORKING and occurs on Wednesday, Feb. 3 at 5pm EST. It is ONLY available to Power Hitters Club members! 

Following are examples of my five most recent workshop topics:

  • The New Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Audience Insights + Ad Reports
  • How to Build a Brand From Scratch
  • Convert With Confidence
  • Advanced Facebook Ad Design

* Note that month-to-month members have access to the live workshops and their replays for two weeks following the live event. Annual members have full access to all workshops, present and previous replays.

These workshops occur every two months, so members quickly get return on their investment!


There are also weekly webinars for PHC members only. There have been more than 65 of them!

Following are examples of actual weekly webinar topics:

  • 64: Business Manager Common Issues Explained
  • 53: Updates to News Feed Algorithm and WCA Pixels
  • 39: What is Topic Data, and How Will it Help Marketers?
  • 35: A Test of Multi-Product Ads




$97 $87 per month

* Includes free access to workshops for up to two weeks after they occur


Pay for the Year

$1,164 $785 (THREE FOUR MONTHS FREE by paying up front!)

* Includes free access to ALL workshops for as long as they are available!