Gulf Coast Idol


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It's happening Tuesday, July 16th! This is your chance to win a Silver Ticket to skip the lines and perform for the American Idol executive producers. Plus, you could win a $2,500 prize from the IP Resort and Spa.

Two winners will be selected. One will win $2,500 and the Silver Ticket and the other will be a Fan Favorite voted on by you when we get to the Top Ten!

You will have one minute to perform, so pick out the best part of your song, time your performance, and come to the IP Resort on Tuesday July 16 between 6pm-9pm. We start registration at 5pm, and it's first come, first serve. So be there at 5pm to make sure you get to compete!


Auditions will take place in Studio A at the IP Resort & Spa in Biloxi. ‚Äč Must be between ages 15 and 28 years old.

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Q: Can I play guitar or piano when I sing?
A: Yes! there will be a grand piano on stage. You will have to bring your guitar.

Q: What if I can't play piano or guitar. Can I bring an accompanist? You know, someone to play guitar or piano while I sing?
A: Yes. One accompanist only.

Q: If I mess up can I start over?
A: No. The show must go on.

Q: What if I auditioned the first night, but I was lame. Can I audition again the second week again?
A: No. This is showbiz. Be on your game when you step up to the mic the first time. 

Q: Can I sing to a recorded backing track?
A: No.

Q: Wait a second! I have to be between the ages of 15 and 28? 
A: There is an age limit for American Idol.

Q: What if I go over one minute in my audition?
A: The smart thing to do is find a song and then find the best minute (or less) in that song to showcase your voice. Use a timer or stopwatch when you rehearse because one absolutely will be used on you the night you audition.

Q: Can I bring my family, friends, and fans to my audition?
A: Absolutely! It's encouraged because they will have a great time!

Q: Now where exactly is the audition for Gulf Coast Idol?
A: The IP Resort in Biloxi. You will report to Studio B to sign in and get your credentials. Check-in is between 5pm and 7pm. Auditions are from 6pm - 9pm.