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As the Official Brake Products of the SCCA, Hawk Performance is proud to be the Track Night in America Featured Partner of Track Night in America for July!

From those who‘ve never stepped foot on a track to the veteran racer, Track Night in America is a unique experience built around the comfort and experience level of participants. An affordable, weeknight lapping program for street cars and drivers of all skill levels, it is a non-competitive, no-stress, inexpensive way for enthusiasts to do what they love – get behind the wheel and on the track. “This program is, simply, about fun with cars - you and your street car, one hour of track time in three 20-minute sessions,” says Heyward Wagner, SCCA Director of Experiential Programs. “It’s all about removing the mystery, eliminating hurdles, and opening the doors so everyone can come play. Whether you’re a driver, friend, or just hanging out, there is an experience for you at Track Night.” 

Novices get extra attention and coaching in on-track safety and etiquette. The Novice Coach and extra session of Paced Laps at the start of the event ease first timers through learning the track's lines and corner station locations. Intermediate and Advanced participants can dive right in after their brief meeting with their Driver Coach at the beginning of the night to set the tone for day. The goal of every session is to provide drivers with a welcoming environment to have fun with their cars on track.

Participant demographics are as varied as the street cars they drive, but one thing brings them together. “We all share the same passion and excitement you only feel at the track,” adds Hawk Performance Motorsports Manager, Edwin Mangune. “Hawk is devoted to promoting racing at every level, and for anyone who has wondered what it would be like but thinks they need a specialty car, a full pit crew and a huge budget, we can only say that is not the case. Track Night in America is for everyone — and if you give it a try in July, you’ll get a custom Hawk t-shirt!” 

Enjoy a $25 discount off all Track Night in America registrations in July by entering whatsstoppingyou at checkout! 

For more details and a complete schedule of events, visit  


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