The Happy Home Issue
+ Kitchen Special

While the home as an escape from the outside world is not new, the Happiness Research Institute, discovered that the home is absolutely key to the way we feel.And so in this issue, the first for 2020, we explore this idea with expert advice on what makes a happy home. As well, the homes in this issue are all very personal spaces, hugely shaped by their owners, and therefore places that feel special to them, and by extension make them feel happy when they are within them. Also in this issue is our annual kitchen special, a timely choice given that the kitchen is considered by many to be the heart of the home. Over 16 pages are plenty of ideas and inspiration, from the latest looks to real life kitchens to admire.


The Christmas Issue

There is plenty to get you in the festive spirit in our Christmas issue: We feature three gorgeous, jaw dropping spaces; Food doyenne Pippa Mattei gives us her Christmas Day lunch menu; some Christmas DIY decorations made from leaves and berries are a particular favourite and a guide to help you find just that special something for the one you love ...and much more. We hope you enjoy the issue, and from all of us at HOMEWORKS, we thank you, our readers and advertisers, for your support this year, and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.


The Texture Issue
+Bedroom Special

When putting together a home we often think of space and light, of big pieces of furniture, the size of the kitchen island and the power of the shower. These are all important, of course, but also key to creating a great room is texture - it is what makes a space come alive, lifting it from flat to one that is exciting and a joy to be in. Which is why this issue’s theme is texture and the three homes featured have used it to create a more interesting space. If there is one room where texture is crucial it’s the bedroom, from fabrics that touch bare skin to those that come together give a sense of rest and relaxation. Turn to our bedroom special for lots of inspiration - and I hope you find the whole issue full of ideas you can take into your home...


The Small Spaces Issue
+ Bathroom Special

Many of the homes we feature in HOMEWORKS are on the large size, but this issue focuses on apartments and small houses, spaces where the lack of expansive interiors and a big garden have not stood in the way of creating a home that feels bright and airy and very comfortable to live in. Light, ergonomics and decorative details have all been used to great effect in the homes featured and we hope you find them as inspiring as we do. Bathrooms are also a focus with pages packed full of ideas and inspiration from real life bathrooms to latest trends and products. We pay particular attention to marble which is now going beyond the vanity top to decorate the whole room, creating a bathroom that is seriously wow!


The Indoor Outdor Issue
+Salone Del Mobile 2019 Report

One of the most fascinating aspects of an interior design and architecture magazine is seeing how homes come together and the inspiration and creative process behind them. The stories are always wide-ranging but the first home in this issue certainly wins the accolade of being different - its design was largely dictated by the needs of two wildcats and the legal restrictions needed to be able to keep them. We also report on Salone del Mobile 2019, the annual design fair that showcases the latest new designs and gives us an insight into what is inspiring designers today. While some years ago it was the chair that was pushing the design boundaries, today it is lighting and at Milan there were some incredible ones being showcased.


The Grand Design Issue
+Kitchen Special

It’s truly exciting when architecture pushes the boundaries to create a building that is original and ground-breaking. The three homes in this issue certainly fulfill this brief, each of them doing things differently and as a consequence creating something very special. The first issue of the year always features our kitchen special - be inspired by the latest trends, Smart technology, gadgets and advice from architects and homeowners who created their dream kitchen.


The Christmas Issue
+ Gift Guide

It’s definitely starting to feel Christmassy and we hope this issue helps get you into the spirit of this merriest of seasons. There are pages opon pages devoted to all things festive - beautiful decorations with which to style up your home along with ideas for creating a stunning statement table.Our three homes also fit the Christmas theme - not just subtly decorated but also with uplifting stories about creating a wonderful home, whether it is adding character to a new build or restoring an old house to modernity, whilst keeping its sense of history and the stories that have been lived between its walls.


The Colour Issue
+ Bedroom Special

Colour is integral to a room as one’s choice can set a mood. Colour experts will tell you that muted tones of grey/blue will create a relaxing mood as they look and feel harmonious and calming, while more energising shades, such as those in the red and yellow spectrum, give energy and dynamism. White is akin to a blank canvas and therefore a good colour to use for a creative space in which you do not want to be easily distracted. With the theme of this issue being colour, we hope it inspires you to use it.


The Old to New Issue
+Bathroom Special

This issue celebrates beautifully modern homes that started life many years, even centuries, ago. With a new appreciation of the past, there is now a mood within architecture to work with the old rather than simply erase it and start afresh. In our Bathroom Special, we offer expert advice as well as showcasing the latest looks and products.


The Outdoor Issue
+ Living Room Special

There is something emotionally uplifting and cheering about the arrival of warmth and days of blue sky and sunshine. It’s not just nature which unfurls itself and turns its face to the sun - it’s something we do as well, sprucing up our outdoor space, readying ourselves for the new season.


The Architectural Issue
+ Kitchen & Dining Special

Who are the architects that have shaped and are now shaping how Malta looks today and in the future? In this the Architectural issue we have gathered together those architects who, in our opinion, have had and continue to have the most impact on local architecture today.


The Christmas Issue
+Gift Guide

Welcome to the December issue of the magazine which is unashamedly full of the Christmas spirit; if you are currently in a ‘Bah Humbug!’ frame of mind, I hope that it helps inspire you to a merrier mood.


The Autumn Colours Issue
+ Bedroom Special

With autumn upon us, life turns indoors and the interior of our homes becomes all the more important. Warm colours, texture, mood lighting and materials that are soft-to-touch along with the charm of flickering flames all make for a home that engenders feelings of comfort.


+ Bathroom Special

The home as a haven is a theme that continues to resonate in the design world and this issue revolves around this idea, with the emphasis on creating a home that reflects who you are and, importantly, one that makes you feel happy and content when you’re in it. The four homes featured in this issue all are very different, from the entirely all-white and pared back apartment that makes its owner so happy she finds it hard to leave it, to the other end of the design spectrum, a house full of rich colour and decorative detail. Today the bathroom is considered key to our well-being, no longer just functional space but a place to escape the hubbub and find rest and rejuvenation. This issue we have devoted 12 pages on the latest trends and products to inspire you to make your bathroom a place that, like the rest of your home, makes you feel good.


+ Outdoor Living Special

Welcome to the outdoor living issue! With the trend to turn the garden into another room, this issue is full of ideas to make your exterior look good. The outdoor living special features the latest in furniture, lighting and barbecues, and the homes all have outdoor spaces that are stylish but also relaxing. There are also planting ideas to take your garden beyond just a hard landscape and make it somewhere full of colour and texture. Whether you would want it to resemble a quarry is questionable but this year’s winning garden at the Chelsea Flower Show was inspired by a Maltese quarry and the story behind its making is fascinating


+ The Living Room Special

Taking an old house, often derelict, and bringing it back to life is very satisfying. The challenge, however, is to do it in a way that respects its history but at the same time makes it a home for 21st century living. The four homes in this issue are all old buildings of character and are inspiring for the way architects and interior architects took this into account when renovating them. On a similar theme, how do you decorate an old home? In response to a reader request, we asked interior designer Greta Apap Bologna for a step-by-step guide to creating one for the living room of an old home using spring/summer’s new trends and colours. It’s a fascinating and inspirational feature - plus, do check out the Living Room special for even more great ideas for this space.


+ Kitchen and Dining Special

Welcome to our first issue of 2017. As always, starting over in a new year makes you think afresh and so this issue’s theme is how to live a less cluttered life, with a home that encourages a calmer frame of mind and a sense of tranquility. From our ongoing appreciation of Scandi style, to our increasing love of wooden floors to the decluttering tips - think joy! - of Japanese expert Marie Kondo, this issue gives you lots of ideas for paring back.


The Small Spaces Issue

With land becoming increasingly tight and more and more people wanting to live in big towns and cities, small space living has become a design buzzword. At the Milan Furniture Fair this year, many designers tackled the issue, creating products that were super small and neat, could be folded out of sight for a streamlined look or transformed from one small piece of furniture to a larger one when needed.


+ Living and Dining Special

It takes a special talent to look at an uninspiring set of walls and see the amazing family home that it can become, or take a client’s wish-list and translate this into something unique, so this issue we celebrate the work of architects. Plus there’s a Living & Dining special with plenty of inspiration on how to create this most important of spaces.


HW Kitchen Supplement 2016

The 2016 Kitchen Supplement, brings you everything you need to know if you’re renovating or doing up a kitchen from scratch. Find tips on how to begin your kitchen project, and a huge range of what’s available locally this year in the Kitchen Buying Guide. Don’t miss what interior designers would like to see in kitchen trends in the vox pop, while Kitchen Perfect takes you through how kitchen design is ever-evolving. Take a look at the hottest kitchen gadgets, utensils, pots and pans… and even tea towels and aprons. Not a detail has been missed in this year’s special kitchen supplement!



There is something joyous about colour. It has the ability to raise the spirits, to make the mundane interesting, and as one of our homeowners says, ‘it is the elixir of life.‘ While Scandi-style monochrome has become a strong trend over the past few years, colour has never really gone away. And perhaps the ubiquitous of monochrome is behind the resurgence of Memphis, the early 1980s movement of clashing colours and graphic pattern that was a dynamic antidote to the neutrals of the time (read more in News).



The Modern Texture Issue - This issue celebrates texture, texture that is rather less soft but still key to giving a home a feeling of warmth and comfort. The houses featured in this issue have all played with texture from resin floors to concrete ceilings and plastered walls to create visually strong spaces. We also showcase some of the new generation of wallpapers which have moved away from bold floral patterns and high colour to more subtle designs that rely on texture to make an impact. Texture is important outside too, lifting a garden from being a flat, dull space into one that looks and feels vibrant.



This edition is all about the mix of classic and contemporary, a trend that began more than a decade ago and is still going strong. Over the years the trend has evolved – modern design objects have taken on forms that hark back to the past and traditional materials have become highly sought by contemporary product designers and architects. The beautiful homes in this issue are all old properties that have been transformed into spaces that are modern yet remember their heritage!



Merry Christmas everyone! This issue is positively full of all that’s Christmas in the home. Apart from four stunning homes decked out for the season, the HOMEWORKS stylists have created exciting Christmas inspiration with great ideas available in shops now. Stylists Monika Rutishauser, Jennifer Jo Barth, and Justine Bartolo bring us four different Christmas styles based on this year’s colour trends, while newcomer Stylist Lorinda Mamo sets up a unique children’s Christmas party full of colour and fun craft ideas.



Issues that are published at the turn of a season are always the most exciting ones. This edition welcomes in that rustic and fresh autumn feel with interiors and products to embody it. Apart from a line-up of three fantastic homes this issue, the feature ‘Wonderful Warmth’ on page 050 highlights warming solutions to keep the home nice and toasty this year. With rebate incentives making it easier and easier to invest in eco, HOMEWORKS breaks it down to make energy efficiency and renewable energy easier to understand on page 052. The feature also sheds light on new local eco products available on the market.



Each year the Architecture & Design issue of HOMEWORKS rolls around, it’s fascinating to reflect on just how quickly the context of clever architecture changes. Maximising space intelligently has always been an architect’s true accolade, but with the price of square metreage increasing by the day, the space, light and air ventilation challenges are heightening in turn. This issue celebrates architects who have mastered these three imperative elements through extremely well thought-out design and creative flexibility. This edition also explores the offices and studios designed by some of Malta’s top architects and designers for their own firms.



Colour is important. It determines our mood and our productivity. Science tells us that each colour is associated with a specific vibrational frequency. When there’s a predominance of one or two colours in our environment, that vibrational frequency – and the characteristics or qualities associated with that frequency – will tend to influence the activities conducted in that environment – and the attitude of those in it, and even around it. This issue is all about colour in both the traditional and non-conservative sense.



I remember very clearly back in 2004 when BoConcept first opened in Malta. We covered it in the second issue of HOMEWORKS. I remember how excited everyone was at the launch - to see this customised, coordinated and affordable Danish-designed furniture. Malta had never seen anything like it at the time. And I remember seeing the parquet flooring and thinking - so it can be done in Malta, despite everyone’s insistence that the climate is too humid for parquet, best stick to stone or tiles. Within a year, I began to see parquet everywhere - and it wasn’t just architects or interior designers that were using it. Homeowners were taking it upon themselves to get that look.



The notion of restarting is an intriguing one because it implies an evolution; the expiration of a place or thing’s function reincarnating into something more relevant to the time. The new formation is neither identical nor entirely different from that of its former self, yet a conception of something different. The first edition of the year is a good time to celebrate this concept, which is why this issue of HOMEWORKS centres around reinstatement, rebirth and renewal. Not only are the three homes centred around it, but also the features.



It’s Christmas time and we’re celebrating! HOMEWORKS has been selected by ISSUU to feature in their 'Christmas Showcase' and we’re super excited because that means that 10,000,000 readers from around the world (yes, 10 Million!) will be reading your favourite homes magazine. To mark the occasion, our digital version of the latest issue of HOMEWORKS will also contain some of our favourite Christmas features, past and present. Enjoy!



HOMEWORKS on a nesting theme could be done at virtually any time because it’s the essence of the home, but we thought November more apt with the onset of the cooler months and the instinct to begin making our interiors as comfortable and cosy as possible. Winter is coming. This issue of HOMEWORKS hopes to get you ready for it in style!



This Architectural & Design issue of HOMEWORKS is a truly creative-packed one. Not only do we feature some spectacular homes designed by both established and new Architects, but we’ve also included the results of the HOMEWORKS Architectural Awards.



It’s summertime, fellow readers - time to crawl out of the woodwork and start enjoying long days and nights again, making the most out of your living space. Happy summering!



Space maximisation is one of the principle elements of a designer’s challenge and accolade. This issue of HOMEWORKS focuses on clever design in small spaces, making the most out of the form and function of the home.



The start of the new year is always an exciting time for interiors. Prior to the year even beginning, Pantone announces the colour of the year (Radiant Orchid for 2014). Early January brings the first interior design fair of the annum – imm cologne which establishes an immediate glimpse of the the furnishing sector trend report this year with the conclusion that while there is a continuing, strong demand for natural materials, people are also in the mood for more colour again



When it comes to Christmas (in Mae West’s words) too much of a good thing can be wonderful, and that’s what this issue is all about – a whole lot of wonderful. Not only are the three converted farmhouses featured this issue warm and cosy, they’re also a striking mix of characteristic and modern. This is a perfect reflection of what the Christmas season has evolved to be; new designs and inspirations, but always with that underlying tradition.



At HOMEWORKS we always face the challenge of finding that balance between featuring homes of aspiration, versus realistic homes. Ideally, we present spaces that offer a little bit of both, but which are approachable for those who don’t have an enormous budget. While those realistic spaces are inspirational, sometimes we just want to see glorious, breathtaking, no-expenses-spared, magnificent homes.



A famous American architect once said that the mother art is architecture, and without an architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilisation. The profound (and extremely exciting) reality is that the spaces that we see in these HOMEWORKS architectural issues are a snapshot of our generation, of the now. So if we take the homes featured in this issue and analyse their similarity, albeit in different ways, all three display an encapsulation of customised architectural design detail that is so accommodating to the inhabitant that there is very little need for further interior design.



Welcome to the big issue on small spaces. In this edition of HOMEWORKS, we focus on maximising limited space. As Architect Simon Grech states during his interview – ‘We’re interested in small spaces and how we can make the most out of them – thisis where architectural challenge truly lies’ – good architecture and design is becoming increasingly linked to the maximisation of space, particularly in Malta.



An instinct to survive, we as humans are creatures of habit. Regardless of our ability to think rationally, the instinctual, animal part of the human condition tends to dictate our way of thinking. We give in to mental patterns, which creates repetitive actions. This was the dilemma that the great American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was haunted with. Luckily for the world, he came up with an influential resolution for it: organic architecture.



The turn of the year always inspires a sort ofretrospective prospective. In keeping with this thread, the first issue of HOMEWORKS 2013 is all about the synthesis of old and new. This edition highlights old backdrops with new furnishings and vice versa, illustrating the advantages Malta holds in terms of striking historical architecture and furniture variety.



After reviewing all of this year’s issues ofHOMEWORKS, it reminded me that this industry has so many talented individuals, all with mutual respect for one another, all collective in their yearn to push the envelope. I’m so pleased to have the privilege of working with such accomplished HOMEWORKS contributors, but I also want to thank my immediate team – Marc Spiteri, Troika Zammit, Andrew Farrugiaand Jon Bajada – for making it all happen every month. This issue is a testament of all the elements coming together to create a greatedition; apart from three stunning homes, it’s jam-packed with yuletide trends and inspiration.



This issue, I’m going to borrow Architect Matthew J. Mercieca’s words on renovation from his article in issue 55: ‘Things and places could just lie in disrepair for decades: motionless and decaying. As they lie there, taking on unwelcome intruders,environmental attack and corrosion, they long for somebody to re-establish a need to use them. Inanimate objects may not really be just that. They interact with each other and us to give us anexperience. But it takes time, effort and investment to bring about a force of transformation over these objects. This force of change is something that takes courage to grapple with.



The responsibility of an architect is profound, which is why when we experience talented ones, we should celebrate them. Apart from the lasting impact on the country’s social, aesthetic and ecological environment, architects are the creators of spaces that increase our sense of well being. Their plans and designs create the buildings that frame most of the events of our lives. What’s more, these establishments outlive their creators and become heritage to future generations.



It’s now common knowledge that natural sunlight is widelyaccepted to have an affirmative psychological effect on humans. We feel positive when exposed to natural light, as our brains release serotonin and endorphins into the body when in contact with it. This causes us to feel happier and increase positivity. Not only does natural light obviously save energy, but it’s also crucial to the underlying dynamic of interiors. Good architecture and interior design aims to planand design spaces that reflect functional, social and aesthetic considerations



In the words of project manager Chris DeMicoli, “The art of building is essentially an intangible method, which involves the planning and manipulation of the relationships of volumes, masses and spaces. In most buildings there is no single vantage point from which the entire structure can be completely understood – that’s why the use of lighting, design decoration and especially spatial relationships can greatly enhance a structure or cripple its appeal.‘Things and places could just lie in disrepair for decades: motionless and decaying. As they lie there, taking on unwelcome intruders,environmental attack and corrosion, they long for somebody to re-establish a need to use them. Inanimate objects may not really be just that. They interact with each other and us to give us anexperience. But it takes time, effort and investment to bring about a force of transformation over these objects. This force of change is something that takes courage to grapple with.



For over 45 years Pantone has been the world-renowned authority on colour, inspiring design professionals with insight on colour exploration. So when Pantone annually declares a particular colour “Color of the Year”, design industries around the world listen. As with most design trends, the colour is chosen to represent a connection with the spirit of the age, influenced by the cultural, intellectual, ethical and political climate of the time.



Christmas is in the air! This issue we’ve gone to town with yuletide inspiring features and stories. Start off by checking out our advent calendar for new interior product launches, exhibitions and openings from December 1st to Christmas day (page 014). Artist George Apap epitomises Christmas joy in the most eloquent exhibition of handcrafted and painted Christmas scenes in elegant boxes (page 021). And if this still hasn’t stirred the Christmas spirit in you, check out our T’was the Night Before Christmas decorating feature on page 054. We also go into Christmas decorating and food detail ideas on page 061 in “The Perfect Christmas Lunch Party”.



This time of year always promises a creative interiors buzz with September’s unleashing of new designs after London Design Week. To go into the trends found at the different shows would probably deem slightly repetitive and extensive to be precise. However, the one movement that doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere is the quest for that need to get back to basics.



HOMEWORKS Malta 50th Issue highlighting the best of issues 26 to 49.



We bring you three totallydivergent home offices of professionals that often work from the comfortof their own address (page 052). We do some exploring this issue to bringyou an idea of what’s available on the market in terms of floor lamps (page060) and televisions (page 066), complete with technical comparisons togive you a thoroughly accurate picture (I apologise for that). Check outpage 062 for our New England chic decorative feature and page 098 for anoutstanding rizzi risotto. In February we brought you interior trends fromIMM Cologne - this issue we bring you the overall vibe of Milan Design week2011 (page 069). Start the summer with an aspiration-filled HOMEWORKSand hopefully find yourself more than a little motivated.



Ever wonder how designers in different areas of the world tend to arrive to the same trends simultaneously? There are various factors that send designers in different directions on a regional scale, but one deriding factor that pulls them together on a global one: the world’s socioeconomic situation. It may seem odd that the designs littering interior showroom windows are influenced by something as seemingly uncreative as the world’s current affairs. Think about it – life has become so fast paced that people have started showing signs of stress in ways that they hadn’t ever before.



This issue, we have featured three highly individualistic apartments, each one entirely diverse from the next. The idea is that you can truly get a sense of the individual living in these spaces through their distinct styles..



Our theme this issue of HOMEWORKS is of course Christmas, but it’s about personalising yuletide home accessories in a way that makes each space its own interpretation of Christmas through the specific lifestyle it is enjoyed by. I hope this issue inspires you by the sensational homes featured, the decorating articles and as usual, the fantastic food. And of course… have yourself a very Merry Christmas!



HOMEWORKS magazine brings inspiration, improvement and style through a diversity of residential spaces created by architects and designers.



Welcome to issue 44. This month we are featuring some stunning apartments. With smaller homes and even one-bed apartments becoming increasingly sought-after, we are pleased to showcase two compact apartments that can really inspire us with their clever layouts.



Everyone’s idea of what makes a dream home is different. For some, it’s a minimalist, monochrome space with high-tech gadgets, while for others, the more cosy and colourful the space is, the better. In this issue we bring you three very different dream homes.



Welcome to issue 42. It’s obvious why the owners of the Madliena duplex fell in love with their penthouse at first sight – a view of the pool,countryside and open sea greets you before you even open the front door. It’s a home that has free flowing light from front to back and that really feelsone with the outdoors. We also feature some of the beautiful room makeovers which had featured on HOMEWORKS Tv by designers Katja Wiedersum and Henry Borg Barthet. There is also a ‘before and after’ element in two of the properties in this issue.



In this issue we’ve taken a look at the theme of simplicity. We were inspired by a Valletta home designed by AP and by the fact that everyone is talking about how fast-paced life has become. Our homes are the one space where we can decide to provide not only beauty, but also whatever the body, mind and spirit need. Simplicity is not just the thought that ‘less is more’. It is that there is a point of no return, a balance point where whatever is, is just enough. Konrad Buhagiar gives us his thoughts on the ‘simple’ concept.



Christmas is the perfect time for HOMEWORKS, with all its style inspiration, home cosiness and senses appeal. What’s better at Christmastime than a charmingly decorated and warm home, with the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another? It doesn’t matter whether it’s in an apartment, a maisonette or a villa; Christmas spirit around the home is a spectacular thing.



This issue of HOMEWORKS focuses and profiles four contemporary architectural firms who are shaping the present and future generations. The firms are all of different sizes, but their continuous struggle is unanimous: creative and sustainable architecture.



Welcome to the big issue on small spaces. This edition of HOMEWORKS brings you spectacular homes that maximise their limited space. Great architecture and design in Malta is invariably linked to the clever utilisation of limited space – the size of these spaces is becoming increasingly irrelevant.



In our world, the colour is often used to create an airy and pure feel for a home. It’s inarguablethat white can make rooms feel and appear larger, while adding a freshness to the space.However, utilising the effects of the colour is not as straightforward as it seems – on its own, purebrilliant white can look sterile or high maintenance, depending on the interior style. The key here is to layer up tints (from chalky white to ivory) and textures to soften the look of a room and make it more inviting. This issue, HOMEWORKS features four spaces that pull off the extensive use of white accomplishedly, working to their advantage the positive effects of the colour while avoiding the sterility that an overkill could invoke.



Welcome to the 36th issue of HOMEWORKS. As always, we are ever-enthusiastic to bring readers magnificent, to-die-for dream homes and this edition is no different. This month HOMEWORKS brings you four amazing apartments, complete with the comforts of the genre, as well as that highly desirable wow factor.



Ladies and gentlemen, we are extremely pleased to announce… the “minimalist look” is officially over! That’s right – no more perfectly clean apartments and clutter-free houses. The stark style has been replaced by the precise opposite– fun, charismatic and vibrant eclecticism. In the words of our contributor Guy Laguens – “The new style is all about merging various historical styles with modern elements. The style goal: to combine the best of the best styles andto increase allusive content. There are huge advantages to going vintage and restoring old items and pieces of furniture: it costs less and it adds instant character. Further to that, you get to surround yourself with those things you’vehad to reluctantly hide away for fear of clutter. Fear no more – it’s all about personality now.”



As soon as the season waves its magic wand over us, all of a sudden everything becomessofter and more beautiful. There isn’t anything quite as wonderful as coming home to a cheerfully decorated and cosy home.It’s not about the size of your Christmas tree. After all, in the eyes of the children, they’re all about 20 metres tall anyhow! It’s about creating a Christmas spirit within the home by reaching all of the senses - the right materials and colours, the right lighting, the right decorations and the right sounds and scents.



This issue, we’re keyed up with the exploration of another living concept and have delved into the world of yachts for those who enjoy the tranquil sea-faring life. What we found is a variety of interiors, from classical to ultra modern, all built using high quality anddurable materials, made to last.



I’m quite certain that by this time of summer, the majority of us wish for nothing more than stillness, silence and sweet shade. It’s no conundrum why Gozo is the destination of choice during this time - it’s the epitome of relaxation; quietude and calm, rolled into a parcel of charming character.



It’s hard to understand what a garden means to many. Those who are in love with theirgardens and have the time, visit and revisit them a dozen times a day, standing in deepcontemplation over plants and flowers with a love that anyone who hadn’t taken part inthe process of the creation could possibly conceive.



This issue is my absolute favourite to do – featuring dream homes is a lot of fun, not onlybecause it’s encouraging to see such gorgeous homes, but also because it’s inspirationalto see homeowners living their dream.