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Sales Summary

The KFVS12 sales team is made up of a diverse group of business executives who know advertising, but more importantly, they can translate their knowledge to help your business. 

The mission of the KFVS12 sales department is to help grow your business with your television and internet advertising investment.  It is our job to serve each client of KFVS12 in a variety of ways.  In addition to developing the right schedule for your business, our team is trained to bring new advertising ideas to the table and, when needed, be a liaison between clients and our award-winning creative services production department.

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Greg Carter

Greg contact


Greg Carter
General Sales Manager

Phone: (573) 519-0215 
Fax:  (573) 335-6733
Cell:  (573) 979-4484
Email: gcarter@kfvs12.com

Greg bio

Greg Carter is the General Sales Manager for KFVS12 and KFVS-TOO as well as KFVS Digital.

Previously, he was Local Sales Manager for Gray TV's WXIX FOX19 Cincinnati from 2015-2018. He also served as Local/National Sales Manager at WKRN News 2 in Nashville from 2008-2015.

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Chris pic

Chris K contact

Chris Kleinlein
Director of Digital Marketing

Cell: (618) 964-4616
Email: chris.kleinlein@gray.tv

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Mike contact

Mike Skelton
Local Sales Manager

Phone: (573) 519-0114
Cell: (573) 382-1271
Email: mike.skelton@kfvs12.com

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Barry contact

Jennifer Pendley
National Sales Manager

Phone:  (618) 201-4482 
Email: jennifer.pendley@kfvs12.com

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Kim Adams picture

Kimberly Adams

Kim Adams contact

Kim Adams
Director of Client Services

Phone:  (573) 519-0140
Email: kadams@kfvs12.com

Braden Cox picture

Braden Cox contact

Braden Cox
Media Sales Consultant

Phone:  (573) 519-0123
Cell: (573) 979-4723
Email: Braden.Cox@kfvs12.com

Bria pic

Bria contact

Bria Edwards
Digital Coordinator

Office:  (573) 519-0107
Cell:   (573) 270-2799
Email: bria.edwards@gray.tv

Kristen pic

Kristin Emmendorfer

Kristen contact

Kristin Emmendorfer
Transactional Account Executive

Phone: (573) 519-0122
Cell: (573) 382-1277
Email: kemmendorfer@kfvs12.com

Chad Pic

Chad Fryman

Chad contact

Chad Fryman
Media Sales Consultant

Phone: (573) 519-0177
Cell: (573) 382-1282
Email: cfryman@kfvs12.com

Kim G Pic

Kim g contact

Kim Gerlach
National Sales Assistant

Phone: (573) 519-0148
Email: kgerlach@kfvs12.com

Shirlene pic

Shirlene Hecht

Shirlene contact info

Shirlene Hecht
Media Analytics Director

Phone:  (573) 519-0178
Cell:  (573) 382-1273
Email: shecht@kfvs12.com

Heisserer pic

Heisserer contact info

Brian Heisserer
Media Sales Consultant

Phone: (573) 519-0159
Cell: (573) 979-9130
Email: brian.heisserer@kfvs12.com

Huber pic

Huber contact

Becky Huber
Traffic Manager

Phone: (573) 519-0184
Email: bhuber@kfvs12.com

Sandra Jernigan pic

Sandra bio

Sandra Jernigan
Media Sales Consultant

Cell: (270) 709-5611
Email: sjernigan@kfvs12.com

Holly Knudtson pic

Holly Knudtson contact

Holly Knudtson
Media Sales Consultant

Phone: (573) 519-0104
Cell: (573) 382-1286
Email: holly.knudtson@kfvs12.com

Kim Likens pic

Kim Likens contact

Kim Likens
Media Sales Consultant

Phone: (573) 519-0125
Cell: (573) 382-1289
Email: klikens@kfvs12.com

Jessica pic

Jessica contact

Jessica Shelton
Local Sales Assistant

Phone: (618) 985-6300 ext. 18
Email: jshelton@kfvs12.com


Ryan pic

Ryan contact

Ryan Tate
Media Sales Consultant

Phone: (573) 519-0136
Cell: (573) 382-1272
Email: rtate@kfvs12.com


Chuck pic

Chuck contact

Chuck Voss
Creative Services Manager

Phone: (573) 519-0105
Cell: (573) 382-1274
Email: cvoss@kfvs12.com