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Iceland is home to some of the world’s most natural, pure resources, which is reflected in the country’s unique and delectable lamb. The Icelandic Lamb wanders all summer long in carefully defined extensive wild pastures in pristine mountainous landscapes under strict agriculture regulations and a quality control scheme which protects the integrity of the Icelandic lamb. Flavored by the wild pastures and raised without any hormones or antibiotics in a pure environment, Icelandic lamb meat is wonderfully lean, flavorful and tender. The distinctive taste is a result of the grass and the aromatic and spicy herbs on which the lambs graze. After the lambs are born in the spring, the flocks are turned loose where they then spend their lives foraging in nature in Iceland’s pristine environment, making the flocks true Spring Lambs, a rarity on the global market.

Iceland is one of a few countries in the world that operates completely on clean, renewable energy sources, producing a zero carbon impact on the environment. Coupled with unpolluted air, pristine land, and an abundance of pure water, Iceland is an agricultural paradise. Farming as a whole incorporates methods that preserve the land for future use, integrating many aspects of social responsibility. Sheep farmers in Iceland often say “you have to live with the land, abiding by the rules the land gives you.” This way of life transcends into true respect for the land.

Lamb is an essential aspect of Icelandic culture and heritage, since it’s Iceland’s national dish, and the traditions have changed very little over time. From generation to generation, Icelanders have perfected their recipes to harness the extraordinary flavors and create simple, yet rich tasting meals.  

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In celebration of sustainable farming methods, pristine lamb and Iceland Naturally’s newest member, Icelandic Lamb, we’re excited to give one lucky winner a prize pack that includes:

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To enter through the form below, visit and find the first word of Icelandic Lamb’s motto on the top of the page: “_ Free Since 874”. Enter the missing word in the space provided in the form below, along with your information, and click submit to be entered to win the prize pack.

Fill out the entry form by February 27, 2019 for a chance to win. The winner will be announced here on February 28, 2019.


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Gangi þér vel!
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