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ShortStack offers dozens of features that will help you collect valuable leads and other information to boost your marketing power.

Here’s just a taste of the things you can do with ShortStack:

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Build unlimited Campaigns


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With ShortStack you can build one Campaign or 100 (or 1000 for that matter!). Create contests, build landing pages, collect leads, gather newsletter signups and customer testimonials, and more. Build as many Campaigns as you want!

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Store leads/entries


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ShortStack will store your first 25 Campaign leads/entries in a database for free. Once you reach 25, we’ll email entries to you one at a time. If you upgrade, we’ll store all of your leads/entries in a convenient, exportable database format. Databases are easy to organize, and they allow you to  display entries using our Voting Widget, pick random winners using our tool, and more.

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Publish to Facebook and the Web


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You can publish your Campaign for free to Pages with fewer than 25,000 fans or use your ShortStack-provided unique Campaign URL and publish to the Web which has no fan limits at all. That’s right, publish to the Web and you have access to the whole world – or at least the whole World Wide Web. And if you want to embed your Campaign on your website or blog, you can do that, too!

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Use every template we offer


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Access every single template – more than 70 of them! – our uber talented team of designers has created just for you. Using our color schemes and other effects saves you time and makes you look like a pro. Just pick a template, customize it as much (or as little) as you want and you’re good to go.

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Use every widget we offer

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Widgets are the building blocks for Campaigns. They let you add all sorts of functions and features – like images and custom forms to your contests and promotions. Since we store the first 25 Campaign leads/entries for free, you can even try our Voting Widget, Promotion Widget, host a photo-vote contest, and more. Once you reach the 25-entry limit, you can upgrade to continue having access to all of these widgets.

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Access technical support 7 days a week


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We’re not just blowing smoke when we say we have the best support team on the planet. 

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Integrate with the other platforms you love


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Love MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Highrise? You can integrate your ShortStack Campaigns with these services as long as you’re within our free plan limits. We offer many other integrations – including with Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Google Analytics – that you can use for free, forever.

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Ready to build Campaigns that will let you collect and convert leads?

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Like what you see? We built this landing page using our Campaign Builder!  Try it free.