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Cooking with Haigh's Selection - available exclusively online

Creating delicious desserts and treats with delectable Haigh's chocolate has never been easier. We have put together three of our favourite Haigh's recipes along with all the chocolate you will need to make them in the "Cooking with Haigh's" Selection.

The selection includes:
1 x Dark Chocolate Couverture 
1 x Milk Chocolate Pastilles 
1 x Dark Chocolate Pastilles 
1 x Dessert Chocolate Block 
1 x Milk Chocolate Speckles

Recipe Cards:
Haigh's Chocolate Cupcakes
Haigh's Chocolate Self-Saucing Puddings
Haigh's Peanut Butter Millionaires Shortbread

And for a limited time, we've also included a free mini whisk for any mini cooking helpers.*

Discover our online Recipe Collection with over fifty delicious chocolatey recipes to inspire.