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Enter the Bavarian Autosport Ultimate
BMW & MINI Photo Contest!

Current theme: What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Entry deadline: August 26, 2018

You could win up to $200!

ENTER NOW! The theme for this contest is “What I Did On My Summer Vacation”.  Yes, just like that essay you had to write at the beginning of every school year, except no one ever offered you a chance at $200 for it. Take some photos of your BMW or MINI when you’re off having a good time together (in our book, weekends count as vacation ;-), then enter the best one(s) on our web site where thousands of people will see it. So start planning your BMW / MINI summer vacation, then hit us with your best shot… it could be worth $200. 

How to enter your photo: Complete the form below and upload an image. (Limit one image per entry – maximum five entries per contest.) A panel of judges will select the finalists, then you folks get to vote for the winner! Each finalist will receive a $100 Bavarian Autosport savings certificate; the winner will receive an additional $100. We will host multiple contests throughout the year. Each contest is built around a specific theme; all photos submitted must relate to the theme to be eligible. For more details, click on “Official Rules” below.

Want to increase your chance of being a finalist and winning $100? Follow these tips:
• Submit photos that relate to the current theme. 
If the photo you wish to submit is not related to the current theme, hang onto it – chances are we will have a future contest that your photo would fit into.
• Don't submit a screenshot from your phone or computer. 
Send the original photos.
• Watch the composition of your photo you are taking. 
It should be about the car and the setting. 
• Watch the background and foreground. 
Avoid objects that take focus away from your subject (e.g. porta-potties, trash cans, dumpsters, etc.) If you see an unattractive/disruptive object through your viewfinder, change the angle you are shooting from, or move the car.
• Unless you’re taking a close-up detail shot, capture the entire vehicle. 
Look all around the outside frame of your viewfinder before you take the shot. Is part of the car missing?  We receive lots of photos with the front bumper, part of the tires/wheels, rear bumper and/or roof cut off. Not good.
• Consider the lighting
It can make for a dramatic photo (e.g. at dusk with angel eyes on) or it can make the features of your BMW/MINI disappear (e.g. shooting the dark side of the car on a sunny day). 
 Don't heavily manipulate your photo. 
Yeah, we can tell. Increase your chances of being a finalist by not submitting one of these. 
• No watermarks. 
We love to see everyone's photos, whether you are a novice or professional. Photos with watermarks will not be approved for entry.
• Have fun and stay safe! 
Go ahead and give your shot some drama and personality, but always be safe when taking your photo(s)!

Good luck!

Entry Form- What I Did On My Summer Vacation

If you are entering on Facebook, you are providing your information to Bavarian Autosport and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of this contest and future communications from Bavarian Autosport.

Check out the entries

Check out the current entries below. 
Voting will begin in mid September.

Contest closed text

Welcome to the Bavarian Autosport 
Ultimate BMW & MINI Photo Contest!

The Out of Hibernation! edition of the contest is currently closed to entries. Finalists will be announced shortly, at which point you will be able to vote for your favorites. 
In the meantime, you are welcome to browse hundreds of current entries below. 



Voting text intro

Voting is now open in our
Out of Hibernation photo contest!  

Wow, what a great bunch of photos you folks sent in – 465 in all! Our panel of judges has worked diligently to narrow the field based on a combination of photo quality and adherence to the theme of “Out of Hibernation.” So without further ado (drum roll, please), we present you with the 17 finalists. Each finalist will receive a $100 Bavarian Autosport savings certificate. Now it’s up to you to help select the top photo. The photo that gets the most votes in the coming days will be declared the winner and receive a second $100 certificate. Voting ends May 9th at midnight – the winner will be announced soon after. 

VOTING UPDATE: In previous photo contests you were allowed one vote, but we have heard from many people who said that there were so many good photos, they wished they could have voted for more than one. Your wish is our command – for this contest you’re allowed to cast one vote for every finalist you like! You can vote for just a single photo, or your top three, or 7, or all 17… it’s up to you. Just remember: there's limit of one vote per finalist –  you can give one vote to each of the 17, but you can’t vote 17 times for one photo. Now scroll down and start voting...



H20 Winner announce.

Ali J. has been voted the winner in our

“Out of Hibernation” photo contest!

With the new rule giving all voters one vote per photo, thousands of votes were cast, making this a very close contest. In the end, Ali’s photo of his ’71 2002 received the most. Thanks to all of you who entered and voted! Our congratulations to all the Finalists, each of whom received a $100 Bavarian Autosport coupon code. Ali will now get a second $100 prize.

The next Ultimate BMW & MINI Photo Contest will begin in a few weeks. Stay tuned!...