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We are living in unprecedented times and we have had to stay Mississippi Strong.

Share your message of support with a Mississippi Strong t-shirt from TNT Printing!

Your $20 includes shipping, handling and taxes as well as a $3 donation to the COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund for the Mississippi Food Network!

WLBT does not receive any of the proceeds.


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About Mississippi Food Network (MFN)’s Covid-19 Crisis Relief Fund:

This relief fund’s MISSION is to relieve poverty-related hunger, and with the help of donors and partners, MFN has been able to provide 5 MILLION more lbs., almost 4.2 MILLION more meals this year compared to last year at this time. This is GREAT, but with COVID-19 still increasing the number of people that need food, the goals of the COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund include:

·         Operate mobile food pantries to fill the void in areas where food is most needed

·         Provide families/children with backpack kits that can help replace food and snacks that they may no longer have access to throughout the day due to closure of and delayed opening of schools or after-school programs

MFN has estimated funds needed to reach these goals total to:

·         $54,000 – to purchase 3,600 pre-packed food boxes at $15 per box – approximately 15 meals for families – and distribute through mobile pantries

·         $25,600 – to provide Backpack Meal Kits to 200 kids for a school year at $128 per child for a school year. It costs $5,000 to provide 40 backpacks for 2 weeks of a school program ranging of 10-200 kids per site

 Learn more about Mississippi Food Network at