• Epworth Music Society Prize - Luke Heath

    Epworth Music Society Prize for Service to Music: Luke Heath. This boy has faithfully served Wynberg in a variety of ways over his tenure at the school. He has been a member of the Choir, Concert Band (of which he was the leader in 2019), Jazz Band and Steel Band at Wynberg. In addition to playing in the Concert Band, he has also conducted it in public as well. Besides his contribution to our ensembles, he has also performed in Concert in the Quad, the Baxter Steel Band Festival and the Waterfront Band Slam. Outside of Wynberg’s walls, Luke has served with distinction as a member of the Cape Philharmonic Youth Wind Ensemble as a clarinetist. It is largely because of the depth of his involvement in music that he was elected the Cultural Prefect for Wynberg in 2020. It is without a doubt that he would have continued to make a significant contribution to the life of the music department this year were it not for the interruption of the lockdown we have experienced.
  • PwC Award & the Vincent Grainger Memorial Prize - Christopher Cresswell

    PwC Award for Accounting and Mathematics; the Vincent Grainger Memorial Prize awarded for excellent performance in the National SA Maths Olympiad.
  • Old Boys' Mathematics Prize - Tomas Cupido

    Tomas was our best performer at the UCT Set Mathematics test in lieu of the UCT Maths Competition.
  • Mark Schäfer Trophy - Phillip Masango

    Mark Schäfer Trophy for Multilingualism: Phillip Masango. In the prize-winner’s words: My name is Phillip Ntlantla Masango and I can speak and understand 7 indigenous languages. Blessed to be born to parents of two of the indigenous ethnic groups, isiNdebele and Sepedi, I was well versed in language from a young age and to top it all of I became fluent in English and Afrikaans. Growing up in a home where Sepedi was the medium I adapted pretty quickly as my Mother instinctively speaks Sepedi and I would reply in isiZulu and my dad became accustomed to replying in Sepedi. My Grandparents could also fluently speak Afrikaans and always urged me to learn as much languages as possible that way I can speak to an individual in a language that they are most comfortable in. Because as Mandela said “if you speak to someone in their language, you speak to their heart and soul” these words drove me to diverse myself, that way I can educate and inspire others to try and do the same.
  • Labia History Prize; Life Membership of the Old Boys' Union; Abelsohn Cup - Mohammed Zayd Louw

    Awarded to the pupil who produces the best History project of the year based on original research. Life Membership of the Old Boys' Union awarded by the School to the Head Prefect. Abelsohn Cup awarded to the Grade 12 pupil who has done the most for the School in 2020. Labia History Prize: Digging into South Africa's recent past, the Grade 12 History Research Assignment requires learners to conduct a thorough analysis of the Angolan Civil War, as well as an independent evaluation of the disputed claims that still revolve around the climactic battle of Cuito Cuanavale, that took place between 1987 and 1988. Proving himself equal to the task, this year's recipient produced an assignment that was not only meticulously researched, but communicated with a mature appreciation of the complexities surrounding one of Africa's longest running conflicts. In doing so, it is notable that the research included an impressive selection of published sources and oral testimonies, all the while, maintaining a clear and nuanced argument that helped to distinguish it from start to finish. In all these respects the recipient was not only able to prove himself thoroughly knowledgeable, but also able to condense this knowledge into a readable and excellent historical summary.
  • Bob Adshade Memorial Trophy - Ronin Henry

    Bob Adshade Memorial Trophy for the best Art Portfolio of the year. The Matric art students voted on who they believed to be the most deserving of this award. This year they focused on not only the most successful portfolio but also the learner who showed the most progress through his art.
  • Caxton Prize - Nathan Semple

    Caxton Prize awarded for Outstanding Effort.
  • Stephen Doidge Business Award - Stephen Lang

    Stephen Doidge Business Award for Economics and Accounting.
  • Old Boys' Award - Yashveer Ramklass

    Awarded to the Top Pupil in Grade 12
  • Rotary Good Fellowship Award - Michael van Schalkwyk

    Rotary Good Fellowship Award to the pupil who has displayed outstanding ability during the year in promoting healthy goodwill and fair play among his fellows. Michael has been an outstanding leader amongst the prefects, and he is passionate about ensuring good relations and inclusivity amongst all students at Wynberg Boys. Michael was one of the key organisers of the Gender based violence march in 2019, which left a long-lasting impact on boys at the school. The traditional boys’ schools in the Southern suburbs received some negative press on social media due to claims of a lack of inclusivity and transformation. Michael took the imitative to run an inclusivity workshop with his fellow Matrics during lockdown. He facilitated this workshop with his peers and ensured that constructive feedback was provided to the school. These workshops were carried out with the Grade 10 and 11s upon their return to school.
  • Friedlander Memorial Award; The Wynberg Old Girls' Cup & Bunty Joubert Award - Reece Mulholland

    Friedlander Memorial Award for diligence and service to the school. For numerous service certificates over five years; for his involvement in achieving a Presidents’ Award – Gold class; for planning the referees at Wynberg over a number of years; for his sterling role as service prefect in co-ordinating numerous service projects. || Wynberg Old Girls' Cup and Bunty Joubert Award for Community Service. Mr Inglis had this to say: In a Covid-disrupted year, I had to rely on history and had no hesitation in recommending this boy for the award. His enthusiasm for service is infectious and he has managed to maintain the same level of passion from Grade 8. During his Grade 10 year, he participated in all but two of the myriad service events; only injury prevented him from being involved in every single project this year. He has engaged in too many service projects to list and has often been the sole WBHS representative at events such as Uncle Paul’s Christmas parties which he worked at every year since Grade 8. Another event that he enthusiastically supported was the annual One-to-One where it gave him great joy to actively engage with the guest beneficiaries, especially from seeing them smile or clap in excitement.
  • Wade Bertram Award - Thurston de Kock

    Wade Bertram Award, voted for by the matric body and awarded to a boy in matric who by means of his example, his caring and his leadership, has promoted an activity in the school which has enhanced the name and spirit of Wynberg Boys' High. || Thurston is known as the Sound and Lighting guy at Wynberg. He has severed the S&L team since Grade 8 and he has put in hours of his free time into ensuring that events at the school ran smoothly. He is a quiet and unassuming young man but he is strong in character and commitment. The S&L team is one of the most time-consuming student-led portfolios in the school and Thurston was unwavering in his commitment. He was occasionally asked to take time off from the S&L team to focus on his studies because of the demands of this portfolio. Thurston serves without wanting any credit and he has grown into a magnificent leader who has empowered several junior boys on his team. His manners are impeccable and he is an easy person to work with during stressful school events. It seems that nothing flusters Thurston and he has left the S & L team in a stronger place than when he joined in Grade 8.
  • David Heidmann Prize - Mkhuseli Mkeyiya

    Awarded for courage and determination in the face of great adversity. || Mkhuseli has overcome difficulties from the start of his life after having lost his hearing due to early illness. My introduction to MK was him joining water polo in grade 9. MK was unable to swim at that stage, but would arrive daily at the pool, and work on his swimming, holding onto the wall and pulling him himself along. MK played his first matches for Wynberg in that first term in grade 9, barely able to swim and unable to hear the call of the referee. He would watch my mouth for instructions so as to lip read what the instructions were. He showed dogged determination in his water polo. His desire to improve in water polo meant that MK would be at the pool at 5am on occasions swimming laps with me so as to improve his swimming ability. Similarly, MK applied the same determination to all he did. His humble beginnings and challenges with illness could not keep him down. He was identified as a learner with promise and found that many people were willing to invest in this special young man. His schooling at Wynberg presented a challenge, as not only was English not his first language, but he had the added barrier of having to lip read in conjunction with using his hearing aid. MK never shied away from difficulties and today we celebrate MK as a young man who has persevered and achieved in the face of many difficulties.
  • Wiegman Cup - Ziyaad Solomons

    Wiegman Cup, awarded to the most outstanding Silver Badge Prefect. || Ziyaad was voted by his fellow prefects for the Wiegman cup because of his dedication and willingness to assist wherever he could to ensure the effective working of the prefect body. Ziyaad was elected as sports prefect and he took this portfolio to new levels. He used his passion for media for promoting the Wynberg brand through his well edited videos. These videos were watched by old boys around world. These videos took hours of editing yet he did it with excellence and without complaining. His duties did not only fall within the field of media but he served the prefects with volunteering wherever he was needed. He served the prefects and the school with his gentle and mature nature.
  • Honours Award - 2020 Matric Class

    Honours Award to the pupil or pupils for outstanding performances which have brought honour to the school. || This a very prestigious award that can go to an individual, but more often goes to a group of boys who have brought recognition and great honour to the school. Past winners have been the Vocal Ensemble, the cast of Shrek, the 1st XV rugby team after having an outstanding season or the Maths Dept, for producing outstanding results in the UCT Maths Competition. This year we thought of giving it to the Prefects for the way they had led the school towards the end of last year and the start of this year, but then giving it some more thought, we realized that all the matrics had played their part and that all matrics had bought in and had led by example. It started off in August last year with the Grade 11s of 2019 (this year’s matrics) leading by example in the Gender Week, it continued in September last year with the leadership days that the matrics attended, they then had a follow up day at their own request. In the first term this year it was quite clear that the matrics had raised the bar in terms of leading the school. This was evident for all to see at the Quadrangular where so much praise was heaped on our school. But then their year which promised so much was pulled out from underneath them. They were well on their way to becoming the best matric group ever, but were denied that opportunity. But despite this they returned to school and organised two workshops themselves in order to discuss the issue of Black Lives Matter and how this impacts on Wynberg. This year this award goes to the whole MATRIC class for recognition of the outstanding work they had done prior to schools closing and for what was taken away from them. Can the whole Matric group please stand? And can Sipho, the matric prefect, please receive this award on behalf of all of the matrics.
  • Friedlander Shield - Glebe House

    Friedlander Shield presented to the winning House for 2020 || When the competition was suspended in April, and the Term 4 2019 Academics and Term 1 2020 Academics had been added, Glebe were the leaders and they are awarded the Friedlander Shield this year. 3 Hawthornden 2 Littlewood 1 Glebe
  • Azriel Fine Bursary - to be awarded later in 2020

  • Thorp/Rankin Award - to be awarded later in 2020

  • Bursaries & Scholarships - awarded after the 2020 final examinations

    Vernon Carmichael Bursaries; William Clegg Bursaries; Kaplan / Kushlik Scholarship; Bill Lennox Scholarships; Mathew Family Bursary