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Welcome to Shoreline's Advent Calendar!

It's time to have a little fun showcasing the great things to do at Shoreline Lake during the Winter Holidays. And, this year's calendar will feature four different prizes, based on four themes. Make sure to submit your entry and name*, as the prizes will be awarded in the New Year. 


DAYS 1-6: The beautiful and tasty magic of the American Bistro's pastry fairies. Enter your name for the chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate (Weekend Brunch for 4) at the American Bistro.

DAYS 7-12: The fun that awaits kids (ages 5-11) at Camp Shoreline this summer. It's a chance to win a gift certificate for a Camp Shoreline Scholarship.

DAYS 13-18:  A great time Pedalboating with a Picnic Basket. A gift certificate for a Pedalboat + Picnic Basket combo might be in store for you and your Valentine.

DAYS 19-24: A peek at the excitement and variety of Shoreline's Windsurfing scene. It's an opportunity, if qualified*, to score a Spring Windsurfing Seasonal Membership for yourself, or as gift.


Also, don't forget, if any of the pastries and activities catch your eye as gifts, etc., just let us know. The Bistro can make custom pastry creations for the Holidays, and gift certificates (for all Boathouse activities) are also available.

Enjoy...and don't forget to share with friends!

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Official Rules

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Only entries submitted between December 1-24 will be considered for the prizes (restricted to the on-site activities at Shoreline Lake noted above). Duplicate entries on the same day, and those missing information, will not be considered. One prize only per winner: Each winning entry will be pulled from the pool of entries submitted for a specific theme. Redemption of Windsurfing Seasonal Membership is restricted by ability level, and is available only to previously certified windsurfers or those who have completed the requisite windsurfing course/camp at Shoreline Lake. Shoreline Staff and their family members are ineligible to enter the contests and win prizes. Selection of the winning entries will take place in early January of 2020, and the winner will be notified by mid-January per the email provided in his/her entry submission.