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Ambassador Application Form

Your Personal Details

We'll start with some basic details about you, nothing too stressful we hope!. Please be sure to use the same email address that you used to order from Bulk Nutrients.

About your sport

We love supporting passionate people who have huge amounts of motivation and drive in their given sport. Think carefully about what you write and let your passion shine through!

Adding value to the Bulk Nutrients brand

As a social media ambassador you would be expected to contribute to the Bulk Nutrients brand through professional social media accounts. Please consider the below fans/ following guidelines before you apply.
  • Facebook followers: 5000 or more
  • Instagram followers: 5000 or more
  • Twitter followers: 5000 or more
  • Youtube followers: 5000 or more
  • TikTok followers: 5000 or more
Please answer the below questions in reference to your professional accounts and not your personal accounts.
If you don't participate in one of the following social media platforms, simply write 'none' in that field.

If your numbers on social media aren't that flash then don't despair, there are other ways to provide value to us. Examples of these include:

  • Writing articles for our blog
  • Creating recipes using our products
  • You attend bodybuilding shows and would like to write reviews of these

Your relationship with Bulk Nutrients

We love to support athletes that have supported us, so having a long standing order history and great product knowledge will put you in good stead to become a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador.

Now we're going to get a little philosophical. In the following questions we want to know why you're submitting an Ambassador Application to us.

Things to keep in mind when answering the next few questions:

  • How do your personal values align with ours?
  • What attracted you to Bulk Nutrients?
  • Why would we choose you over another athlete?

And finally, tell us anything not already covered which you think would help your chances of becoming a Bulk Nutrients Ambassador.

Just one last thing. We'd highly recommend going back and proof reading everything you've written on this form.

This is likely the first contact you've had with us as a professional athlete, so make sure you make a good first impression!

As a reminder, a Bulk Nutrients ambassador isn't someone who just looks good and can stand next to one of our products. Our ambassadors have a strong order history, extensive product knowledge, a passion for the health and fitness industry and a can-do attitude.