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Power Hitters Club - Basic is a scaled down version of Power Hitters Club - Elite, my exclusive membership for advanced Facebook marketers. Basic includes access to the following:

  • Replays of weekly webinars given to PHC - Elite on advanced Facebook advertising topics
  • Private community specifically for PHC - Basic members to get your questions answered
  • Replays of free monthly webinars for beginner, intermediate and advanced advertisers

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Each week, I conduct exclusive webinars for my Power Hitters Club - Elite community. As a PHC - Basic member, you'll have access to the replays (not the live events).

The webinars tend to be about 30 minutes and cover a number of topics. I spend the first 20 minutes or so discussing all of the latest developments (launches, new features, etc.) impacting Facebook advertisers, and I then answer questions asked by my PHC - Elite community.

REMINDER: As a Basic member, you will have access to the replay of these webinars.


As a member of PHC - Basic, you'll get exclusive access to the private Facebook group created for PHC - Basic members only. This is an active group of Facebook advertisers who share their experiences while helping one another with strategy and troubleshooting.

Those who get the most out of this community spend more time sharing and helping others. As a result, when you need help, others are likely to lend a hand!

It's within this community that you will receive access to weekly webinar replays.


I conduct free webinars (typically monthly) for beginner, intermediate and advanced advertisers. To get access to these replays, you typically need to register.

While the content within your members' area will be limited as a PHC - Basic member (you'll get the vast majority of your content inside the Facebook group), I will make these replays available for you here.


Make no mistake, PHC - Elite members get more value than do PHC - Basic. That's why there is a considerable cost difference! That said, PHC - Elite isn't for everyone, and you may actually prefer PHC - Basic. That's why it was created!

A few considerations when deciding between the two community options:


PHC - Elite costs $97 per month while PHC - Basic is $19 per month. That's a significant difference, but there's also a significant difference in content. 

However, if price is an issue for you, I do not recommend stretching your budget to join PHC - Elite. That group is specifically for people who invest large sums of money into Facebook ads. 

If price is a priority, PHC - Basic may be a good fit! 


PHC - Elite provides access to several 90-minute workshops (and replays) as well as the replays to beginner and intermediate 4-week training programs (a $497 value).

Some people say that they have no time to access all of the content within PHC - Elite. If that sounds like you, PHC - Basic may be a good option!


One of the benefits of PHC - Elite is that you can join the weekly webinars. That allows you to ask me questions and get answers on the spot.

However, maybe you're in a time zone that makes joining these webinars live difficult (they occur every Wednesday at 4pm ET). If you'd rather watch the replays anyway, PHC - Basic may be for you! 


One reason that PHC - Elite is priced higher is that I prefer that only those who invest significant money in Facebook ads join it. A higher investment typically means more experience, so this is a very advanced group.

Maybe you aren't yet an advanced advertiser. While advanced advertisers are certainly welcomed within PHC - Basic, I expect that the experience level within PHC - Basic will be lower than within PHC - Elite. 


While the PHC - Elite community is not an "Ask Jon Forum" (the value is in the members!), I do make it part of my routine to engage with that group. Additionally, these members get live access to me on webinars.

I will not be nearly as visible within PHC - Basic. Let me stress that the greatest value within PHC - Elite isn't necessarily access to me, so this may not be an issue for you. If you value the community more than that quick access to me, PHC - Basic may be your group!


PHC - Basic Month-to-Month

$29 $19 per month*

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* Limited Time Offer

(This is a monthly recurring payment. You can cancel prior to any renewal.)


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