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Be the first to get your hands on this brand new resource for food retail store and department managers! The Source Book for Food Retailers is brought to you by Hubert Company, a trusted name in food merchandising for 70 years.  


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Shop By Department

  • Bakery

    The average shopper spends about 30 seconds in the in-store bakery. See our bakery section for ideas to create bountiful displays they can't ignore.
  • Deli

    About 76% of the time, shoppers decide to make a purchase after they are in the store. Focus on the four foot area around the deli case to grab their attention.
  • Meat & Seafood

    Make your meat or seafood counter stand out with risers, dividers and other merchandising tools. Turn to the meat and seafood section for new ways to showcase your fresh selection.
  • Produce

    54% of shoppers are "strongly motivated" to buy produce from an attractive display. We'll show you how to let natural colors and other techniques work for you.