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Visit Nagasaki

Historic, Romantic, Exotic

Sitting on the westernmost tip of Japan, Nagasaki began life as a port for international trade. An influx of Western and Chinese skills and culture has created a fusion of traditions which cannot be seen anywhere else in Japan. Architecture, food and festivals have all taken on a multicultural flavor which gives vibrancy to this stunning port city.

Having recovered from the devastation of the 1945 atomic bombing, we are now known as a city which promotes world peace. Our Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum offer visitors a chance to contemplate world peace initiatives.

So come and explore the charm of our sloping streets, take a bite of our unique cuisine, learn about world peace, and watch the lights from the houses twinkle at night.

Welcome to Nagasaki!


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  • 2 KLM Economy Class round trip tickets to Fukuoka on March 20, 2015 (return on March 23)

  • 3 nights stay at "Jr. Suite room" stay in the Best Western Premier Hotel Nagasaki including daily breakfast

  • a JR Kyushu Rail Pass to travel JR Kyushu Rail Pass to travel all of Kyushu Area, including transfers by train from Fukuoka to Nagasaki (and vice versa)

  • 1 bottle (50ml) of Madama Butterfly Eau de Parfum

  • The must eat in Nagasaki Castella Sponge Cake

  • A Samsung Samsung Galaxy K zoom [1] camera

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